JeeQ Data

It is all about sales data, up to date

Does your business need to know which products, brands, models, colors, or product features are selling best on,,,,, and 10 other most popular online retailers? Would you like to track sales trends across multiple merchant sites for your customized product or category lists? Do you need real time sales data like below for your business planning or investment decision making?

With JeeQ Data, you can track and analyze products and product categories, supported by the proven availability and reliability of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service. All this at a very affordable low cost starting from just $1 per product per month. See Services » for details.

To start with, JeeQ Data provides more than 3,600 free merchant category reports » to all our users. Or, if you are interested in specific product tracking, please try out our Product Tracking Sandbox ». You can also check out the sample Dashboard » to see how JeeQ Data service can help you stay on top of the sales trend of your business category.